Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let it roll, baby, roll!

I'm a busy bee!

My senior year of college is quickly coming to a close. Senior Illustration Exhibit is coming up and portfolio preparation is getting intense!

(In case anyone is wondering the opening is on April 9th at Gallery R in Rochester, NY).

Framing has been pretty hectic and I am considering not painting large or at odd sizes ever again! Robert Plant has been the most difficult to frame. I first made a small backing structure for the piece because it was beginning to warp, and I am staining some pieces of wood to attach to the side as a frame. I purchased a purplish stain (which was pretty expensive!) for the frame, it matches his jacket and it's going to be awesome!

Next, for my Personal Focus II class I am working with city streets and scenes. I was really inspired by the pieces I did last year after my trip to New York. I love buildings, yet my scenes never have people in them.

I drove around Rochester and took tons of photos, but nothing stood out to me when I sat down for sketches. Going through my photo collection from my various trips, I found some photos from a trip to Toronto. Got a little nostalgic and decided I would paint some of the places I really enjoyed.

Here is Queen Street, where I gallery hopped with my Pandaloping friend:

And the sketch:

And here is the Imperial Pub and Library, across from our hotel. Great memories:

Lastly, for my digital mixed media class, I am doing a piece based off the idea of Growth. My concept came from "growth from destruction/decomposition." I wanted to show that a space that had been neglected for a long period of time was being repaired and ready to be loved.

After all the painting I've been doing, digital painting is becoming more natural for me. This last little sweet spot is looking a lot like what I do with oil paint, and that is really what I want. I love getting my hands full of paint, but it's also frustrating not to have sufficient space to paint in, and this may be my solution.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this great little photo I took a few weeks ago with my friend Tony:

Back to some webdesign!

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Josie914 said...

I will let you know when I go on my architecture driving tour... you can be my wingman in awesome building photography...