Sunday, April 18, 2010

Illustration Opening, and some sketches!

Some photos from our opening!

Sushi Peeps!

Tons of people and thanks for the 30th time those who came!

I am making myself a new bag for spring! I found this fantastic fabric from Joann's last week: Corduroy floral print and this funky green print in my for the inside.

I also had the opportunity this week to draw and paint at Corbett's Glenn in Brighton, NY. I found a great little rock in the middle of the stream and plopped myself down for a few hours. This makes me extremely excited for camping in the Adirondack's soon! Here's 2 of 6 sketches.

Waterfalls are harder to draw then I remember!

Some work in progress:

These are coming along slowly, I'm a bit unsure of myself. I'm liking the second a lot.

Last, I just wanted to geek out about this website my room mate Noelle showed me today!


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