Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Cute lil ol' sketches.

For Christmas I received my first little Moleskin... and I've been having a lot of fun with it's sexy high quality paper.

Here's some of my favorites, even if they were completely pointless doodles:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shel Silverstein

I've been studying Phil Burke's work lately for one of my classes. I decided to do a portrait, with his work in mind, with my own twist. I'm fantastically happy with this right now and would really love to keep working in this direction. Portrait of one of my favorite people, Shel Silverstein.



Also, I am reading Arkham Asylum, and it is so gorgeous.

Will post latest work soon, I just have to scan it and most of it is really big.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"You have to pay the dues if you wanna sing the blues"

Thanks Ringo.

And with morning came defeat.

1 project critiqued, 3 more to go.

Maybe? I'd like to re-do my Zappa piece in oil paint.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"And so I quit the police department, got myself a steady job"

HI!!! Finally, week 10. I got my digital piece done early and printed, and am happy to get this class over with, it's been such a struggle. However, I can't go without saying that I've learned something.

This is my final project based on Valentine's Day:

Not a Valentine's Day fan, so I really wasn't excited, but it came out decently. It's based off a story that after being rejected by a woman, Valentine killed himself and had his "still beating heart" presented to this woman. Freaky, right? I thought so. []

It's hard for me to fall in love with working digitally. I'm driven so much by process and my fingers.

And last, here's some sketches I'm particularly proud of:

This last piece is a quick sketch for a book cover I am currently working on. I work a lot with line in my sketches and I am experimenting with tying this element into my final pieces.

Anyway, things are looking up and I'm excited for the upcoming break, and the chance to do some of my own work and reading (I recently picked up Arkham Asylum and am completely captivated by what I've allowed myself to read so far!!!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Babe, I'm leavin..."

So it's definitely been a while since I've updated. Here are a few pieces from my digital narrative class. I'm somewhat happy with these, I really wish they were traditional media.

Portrait of musician Frank Zappa. I am actually planning on redoing this in oil, and have it started.

Part of a three piece sequence of the Princess and the Pea. I really like the colors.
I'm actually really happy with this piece. I might print it pretty large for myself. :]

It's been a really hectic and stressful semester, but che sera, sera. Hopefully looking back on this I'll have some good pieces out of the deal.

I'm looking into internships for the summer, or just general commission work.

On another side note, the weather has been so crazy here, warm, cold, warm again, sleeting, warm. Hopefully this winter will end sooner than expected. It was really sunny here today so I took advantage of it and went to the lake:

God, I can't wait for the summer breeze.