Thursday, June 24, 2010


Still working on the colors with this one, coming along slower than I'd like with all the moving/cleaning in my way. I think I might go much lighter on the background and use the salmon color elsewhere. We'll see. I like it so far!

There needs to be some tweeks here and there on this, Particularly on the Z and the T, but this is what will be going on the glasses for the party. I will also be creating invites with a similar logo, and illustration/caricature on the inside.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lots of updates!

Finally a few minutes to update amongst all this crazy moving!

A few weeks ago my fantastic group of friends and I graduated from RIT! Still feels a little weird and hasn't sunk in totally, but I'm okay with that.

So now that I have my B.F.A. in illustration and all these congratulations are coming in the mail, it's time to start sending out thank you cards! Here is my initial sketch for a digital painting I will be doing for the front of the card:

Obviously influenced by wallpaper and fabric from the 70's here. I have been using to come up with some color pallet ideas.

I put in an order for my first set of mailers, and am looking for local printers to work with to get copies of my portfolio made. I have a huge list of companies I will be submitting my work to, and I am really excited to be getting to this!

Also, a side project I am working on for my Uncle Al! A logo for ZitoFest, which is a get-together he will be having at his camp at the beach. He wants a logo he can get put on glasses. He owns a boat, so I decided the boat might be an appropriate theme. Here are some sketch ideas (I am pretty sure we are going with the last):

Such an plain colored blog entry. Hopefully will have some color soon!

Hope all is well with everyone!