Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pew! Pew! Happy Fourth and lots more!

A quick entry before I hit the road for the second time this week!

First off:

This is the blank note card I will be sending out for my thank you cards. Deciding on ordering either from or from someplace local, which would save me shipping and handling.

I recently ordered some new business cards. Overnight Prints had a huge sale, and honestly, I was sick of cutting them out myself. They are brighter than I expected, but I think they fit well, and ooohh those rounded corners!

Above is a sketch from a few weeks ago, Java's Cafe in Rochester. I will probably end up digitally painting this at some point, since I still don't have a definite studio space.

This past weekend I traveled I-90 to Boston to visit my room mate Noelle with my fellow Illustrators Dan and Jamie. We met up with several other friends and had a fantastic time together celebrating the Fourth of July! We visited the sites, spent a lot of time in Harvard Square and took a trip up to Hampton Beach, but of course my favorite was the visit to the North End, complete with beautiful architecture, beautiful (and expensive) cars, small shops, and of course, Italian Pastries! Here's a photo I may end up sketching from:

Also, here are some great stained glass windows from John Harvard's in Harvard square! You should check this place out if you're in the area!

Last, when I came home from my trip, my parents had left some old photos they found out for me. Look familiar?

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!