Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I haven't done a straight up portrait in a few years, but I was asked to do a portrait matching one I had done a few years back (matching it was probably the most difficult part). So here it is (also I don't have current access to a scanner, so this is an off-kilter photo...):

Also, another psychedelic granny square, which I'll be patching together to make myself a new purse...

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Soulshine, better than sunshine..."

So just some random blabbering. Summer break has been a whole bunch of working, crocheting, and portrait-ing.

While stocking shelves at the drug store this week I've been enjoying the fantastic new Pepto-Bismol label, which makes me actually want to eat the stuff, even though I prefer Brioschi. (Probably just because I'm a bit of a guinea.)

Also, in my searching for an image of the logo, I found this fantastic blog:

I like looking at new logos when I'm stocking, just like I like reading greeting cards, don't tell my boss.

Also, I have been accepted for the third time into the MWPAI Sidewalk Arts Festival. It runs July 3rd to the 8th, the same week as the Boilermaker Road Race. So come see me, eat some great italian food, vote for my piece, watch the Kenyans run in the race, and be bored otherwise!

Working on a portrait and a monster, upload some images later in the week when my 40+ hour week is over!