Friday, December 17, 2010

Indie Garage Sale

If you are in the area, I better see you there!! I will have lots of new stuff!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Better late than never.

Hello! some photos of my show with the Moho Collective last month.

Thanks again to The Moho Collective and Nail Creek Pub & Brewery for an awesome time and for letting me draw and display my artwork all night. Check them out if you get a chance :)

Here are some new earrings! My etsy account has been updated and will be updated regularly for the holiday season.

I have been using a lot of patterns passed down to me from my family, one great thing about having a big ol' crafty family. I use the patterns for inspiration and change them to fit the pieces I would like to create. These earrings come from afghan patterns, coaster patterns, etc.

Some holiday pieces will be posted soon, get ready! Please check out the mini-Etsy feed on the side of my blog for regular updates.

Here is a business card I recently designed for a friend. I made a couple versions, she likes the orange/red best, which suits her personality. Needs some tweeks but I can't wait to have these printed!

On the show scene, you can find me on November 27 at the Building 41 Gallery in Sherill, NY and at the Indie Garage Sale on December 18th and 19th at 117 Genesee Street in Utica, NY. More info to follow!

AAAAANnnnnnnnDDDDDD I would tell you about my Christmas card but it is super-top-secret. :P


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where I've been.

The last month has been crazy! A new job, some shows, and getting ideas flowing and work done on top of it all. Here is a sketch I am working out for a painting, possibly a fall/halloween mailer.

And since we're in the fall spirit, a little thing I wipped up with some friends a few nights ago (my dad really likes this):

Here are some photos from the fantastic weekend I had at the Utica Music and Arts Festival. We really got some nice weather, and I met some awesome artists and musicians over the course of the weekend.

Here are some photos from my opening Saturday for "The Arrival of Night" at Building 41. I found an amazing frame for one of my older pieces, Ghosts, and I am so happy with the way it compliments the piece.

Finally, a heads up to anyone in the area, The Moho Collective, a Rochester-based band who I met at the UMAF, will be returning to Utica for a show this Saturday at Nail Creek Pub on Varick Street. I will also be displaying some of my artwork and maybe doing some on site drawing/painting!

Hope to see you there!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

"The Arrival of Night"

I will be exhibiting some of my "eerier" pieces at the Building 41 Gallery with several artists for the month of October. The show is called "The Arrival of Night," and the opening will include costumes, music, food, drink, hauntings, and of course art! I will also be selling prints, jewelry, hats, bags, etc. Please come down if you are in the area from 6pm-10pm tomorrow night! Love to see you!

I must apologize for the lack of updates, I know my illustration partners in crime are probably wondering where I've disappeared to! Don't worry, lots of stuff to post, and it will come soon!

<3 Sorrento.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Utica Music and Arts Festival/Greens Festival

Hello! Long time no blog... lost my camera charger and I have been very, very busy! Not a bad thing at all!

Just a heads up for all of you, I will be vending at the Utica Greens Festival, part of the annual city-wide Utica Music and Arts Festival. I will be selling some original artwork, prints, hats, jewelry, bags, etc. Here is a small sampling:

If you're in the area, come down to the Brewery District (Varick Street) between 12-6! See you there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Making new purse to sell and applying to fall craft shows. More news to come!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Breezes.

Open publication - Free publishing - More vintage

Just uploaded this to Issuu recently.

Here are some things:

ZitoFest Painted logo:


And early stages:

Funny, I'm almost exclusively working digitally right now. I can't wait to get everything back in order so i can paint, but I can't say that I am not enjoying this.

Happy Summer.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pew! Pew! Happy Fourth and lots more!

A quick entry before I hit the road for the second time this week!

First off:

This is the blank note card I will be sending out for my thank you cards. Deciding on ordering either from or from someplace local, which would save me shipping and handling.

I recently ordered some new business cards. Overnight Prints had a huge sale, and honestly, I was sick of cutting them out myself. They are brighter than I expected, but I think they fit well, and ooohh those rounded corners!

Above is a sketch from a few weeks ago, Java's Cafe in Rochester. I will probably end up digitally painting this at some point, since I still don't have a definite studio space.

This past weekend I traveled I-90 to Boston to visit my room mate Noelle with my fellow Illustrators Dan and Jamie. We met up with several other friends and had a fantastic time together celebrating the Fourth of July! We visited the sites, spent a lot of time in Harvard Square and took a trip up to Hampton Beach, but of course my favorite was the visit to the North End, complete with beautiful architecture, beautiful (and expensive) cars, small shops, and of course, Italian Pastries! Here's a photo I may end up sketching from:

Also, here are some great stained glass windows from John Harvard's in Harvard square! You should check this place out if you're in the area!

Last, when I came home from my trip, my parents had left some old photos they found out for me. Look familiar?

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Still working on the colors with this one, coming along slower than I'd like with all the moving/cleaning in my way. I think I might go much lighter on the background and use the salmon color elsewhere. We'll see. I like it so far!

There needs to be some tweeks here and there on this, Particularly on the Z and the T, but this is what will be going on the glasses for the party. I will also be creating invites with a similar logo, and illustration/caricature on the inside.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lots of updates!

Finally a few minutes to update amongst all this crazy moving!

A few weeks ago my fantastic group of friends and I graduated from RIT! Still feels a little weird and hasn't sunk in totally, but I'm okay with that.

So now that I have my B.F.A. in illustration and all these congratulations are coming in the mail, it's time to start sending out thank you cards! Here is my initial sketch for a digital painting I will be doing for the front of the card:

Obviously influenced by wallpaper and fabric from the 70's here. I have been using to come up with some color pallet ideas.

I put in an order for my first set of mailers, and am looking for local printers to work with to get copies of my portfolio made. I have a huge list of companies I will be submitting my work to, and I am really excited to be getting to this!

Also, a side project I am working on for my Uncle Al! A logo for ZitoFest, which is a get-together he will be having at his camp at the beach. He wants a logo he can get put on glasses. He owns a boat, so I decided the boat might be an appropriate theme. Here are some sketch ideas (I am pretty sure we are going with the last):

Such an plain colored blog entry. Hopefully will have some color soon!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Monday, May 17, 2010


So I kind of obsessed over this one, and I am SO happy with it.

I also wanted to mention the point of this project, which was a reflection on myself as an artist. I twisted and turned my brain in all different directions until I realized the answer was right in front of me: My artwork is a saturated representation of a place or personality, with retro-vintage color schemes. Right now at least.

More updates to the website:


Have been watching the Godfather and doing this project for days now, still not done, but I am loving it:

Needs to be lightened and I need to change the color of the stove to something a little more yellow/green. It's much too gray for me now, but that seems to be a bad habit I've acquired with digital painting.

Happy finals week to all my RIT friends!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Website, walk-though, etc.

2 things I want to fix on the site, but for now, it's done. I have to step away.

Here are images of my layout:

Also, we had our senior walk through this past Thursday, here is a photo of my completed portfolio and the setup for the walk-through, what I will be taking with me to interviews.

6 more days until graduation! I can't believe this has gone by so fast.

JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure

JK Rowling: The fringe benefits of failure | Video on

This is really great! I recommend listening to the whole thing!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Graphiti Monster and Some Paisley!

Finally finished this! So happy with the results!

Also, found these old swatches of fabric laying around. They were my grandmothers. Not quite sure why she had them, they're far too colorful for her, but then again she had a LOT of fabric. Going to use them for the buttons on my website! Check 'em out:

Going to have a busy week!!