Monday, April 13, 2009

Son of a Gun!

I believe this will be my last post before I head to NYC, unless I find something particularly interesting or finish anything else.

So excited!!

Finished Janis [may have a few slight revisions after I come back]:

And some revisions on Woody:

I'm lovin' this caricature thing as much as I thought I would and then some.


Josie914 said...

Holy. Crap. Maria.
You have found your calling.
Janis is amazing. I showed it to my mum and half her comments I will tell you when others can't hear haha and the other half is that she thinks your work is very unique and full of soul.

And Woody's ace too.

-<3 Jo.

Katie said...

These are amazing Maria. Caricature really suites you!