Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So as the winter quarter at RIT is winding down, and we are all sleeping less and less, I figured I would update with some recent sketches of upcoming work.

First, for my business and marketing class I am preparing a promotional mailer. I decided to use a caricature for Elvis Presley I was asked to do by a friend. Here are some preliminary sketches:

Elvis' likeness was one of the more difficult portraits to master, but I finally think I achieved what I wanted in this last sketch. The final piece is somewhat off from this sketch, and I've been a bit frustrated with it. I will upload the photo of it soon.

These next sketches are for my next Visual Essay series:

I decided I needed a break from the portraits/caricatures to recharge my brain and get myself back into focus. What easier way than to go back to my roots in landscape painting. I think it might be those winter blues getting to me, combined with a need for something a little more wild and free.

I am trying to work on more narration and stories in my pieces, since I have been straying away from that recently. The story here is, "If Sorrento had a pea green 1973 VW Westy, where would she take it?" Sort of humorous and catering to my interests.

Lastly, the Zine and Craft fair went well, at least for networking purposes! I met so many amazing people with fantastic artwork, zines, crafts, and things to say.

And speaking of things to say, everyone should find a soapbox where they can shout it (Jack White advises.).

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