Thursday, February 18, 2010

"If Maria had a VW Bus..." (In Progress)

My current and last series for Visual Essay is a series of landscapes featuring a traveling VW Westfalia. I really wanted to get away from the caricature paintings for a while and regroup some stray brain cells.

These are all currently underpaintings. I started some highlights and shaddows but for the most part they are mostly midtones. I tried several different techniques to see where my strengths lie.

So far the third technique is coming out the most naturally.

I like painting landscapes because it really gets you to analyze a space and how you would deal with it without having to deal with anything that has to be completely exact. I am definitely a little rusty with this since my last finished landscape was a few years back (I've done a lot of sketching and watercolors, but no paintings!). I am surprised at how much I've improved, kind of interesting.

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