Friday, January 15, 2010

"I am a traveler of both time and space..."

The Zepp is getting my blood pumpin'!

I need a new camera.

Either way, noisy progress shots:


He needs to look creepier, but hopefully with the inclusion of some elements and his hand I can achieve this. The face got a bit overworked when I tried to tone it down from a more peach color to a greenish-pale sickly color.

Kurt Vonnegut!

This is my initial under-painting, which was more successful than Poe's, and therefor is making things a hell of a lot easier.

And tonight's progress:

I tried to keep in mind the advice of my professor Bob Dorsey and keep parts of the under-painting that I found to be successful. It's coming out really painterly and loose, and I am really liking it.

Finally here is the work on Grace Slick, which I ended up starting over from an unsuccessful and frustrating oil painting:

I'm using gouache and colored pencil here which is working well, the detail is just taking longer than expected.

Good night.



tracypea said...

I love the redo on Grace Slick, it's looking really good.

Geoffrey b Zeiner said...

I think the face on Poe is perfectly worked. And keeping pieces of the underpainting is really working; nothing like making things a little faster, too!

sorrento421 said...

Thanks guys!! :) Positive feedback is greatly appreciated.