Saturday, May 9, 2009

So I rented this really cool camera for the weekend... random posts whenever I feel like playing with it.

Here's something I'm workin on today:

I'm trying to emulate the style of the paintings I saw at the Neue Galerie in Manhattan. [Check out the current exhibition BR√úCKE: THE BIRTH OF EXPRESSIONISM

I haven't painted all semester so I had a rough time starting out, plus I've had so many other needless distractions. I want to get a loose consistent brush stroke going, and keep the paint nice and thick.

I've always really loved German Expressionism. I love the colors and the atmosphere. When I saw the exhibit I was so captivated by the paintings and I really wish I could have stayed longer just to watch [key word watch, not look because it was like the paint was a movie]. I need to see Germany to appreciate it a little more. Someday I'll get on a plane, haha.

Back to work.

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