Friday, May 8, 2009

"My baby she wrote me a letter..."

[Fantastic Joe Cocker song.]

FINALLY. Finished this damn thing. I'm indecisive about the photograph, much like everything else in my life. I'll probably end up re-shooting everything together at the end. Again the photograph will be printed at 11x17 or something like that, so theoretically the type will be readable.

Thats bean bag vinyl by the way. YES EBAY.

Also I finally figured out what I'll be doing for my NYC illustrations. I'll be painting some apartment building architecture that I photographed and sketched in the city.

This is the Dakota building, where I assume Yoko Ono still lives, and John Lennon was shot. Strawberry Fields memorial is directly across the street.

Don't remember what the other two were. Oh well.

Back to work. 3/11 projects and counting!


Carly said...

The octopus looks VERY cool

Katie said...

omygosh I LOVE that octapus