Sunday, February 26, 2012

I don't know what to call this post.

It's been a few weeks! So busy!

I've 99.9% decided that I'm going to be merging my handmade and illustration business and calling it "RetroSorrento" after my blog and my Etsy shop. [As some of my customers might know, if they are dealing with me off-line, I go by "Maria Vallese Illustration"]

The handmade aspect of my creative life has been intertwining itself with my illustration, and vice versa. It all seems to fit into one package, so it no longer seems necessary to separate the two.

Oh, and now you can like me on Facebook! I'll like you back!!! <3

Something I've been struggling with for the past year is the identity of the handmade business and it's packaging. This is such an important part of my business as a whole but something I never really considered starting out. Anyway, here are some new tag designs that I've come up with. The great thing about these is that they can be used as price tags for hats, earring cards, and can be glued to boxes for a really cute look!

I've also ventured back into some oil pastel work in the past few weeks. Something I felt so passionate about and then got away from, feeling it was an "immature" medium. In hindsight, I'm glad I made that decision because it helped me find my illustration style, but it's nice to go back to this medium and see how I've changed and improved, regardless of the outcome.

I've been reading "Van Gogh: The Life," and I think I can attribute some of my color, subject matter and experimentation inspiration to that.

[You might remember this from a previous post! It's one of my first floral arrangements.]

Last, here are some logo sketches for my cousin's DJ-ing business. In case you're wondering, he's flip-flopping on the name a little bit, but that's something I can identify with, so I don't mind.

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