Monday, July 20, 2009

"So I don't mind if you don't mind..."

Oh The Killers seem to define every summer for me, and the Chili Peppers.

So I haven't updated in forever, partly because I don't have a digital camera.

So quick little blurb: I had a piece in the MWPAI Sidewalk Show again back on July 4th. I entered my yellow apartment piece from NYC this past spring.

Other than this, I've done a commissioned portrait for my long time co-worker/friend Herman, who just had another little boy. I should be able to get a photo of this somehow.

I'm working on a caricature for a 45th wedding anniversary, which I'm beyond excited about! Another portrait in the works for another co-worker and some other random things in between.

FINALLY sold some stuff on my RetroSorrentoArts etsy account, and will be making more stuff as soon as I find the time. (On a side note, Old Forge Hardware store has the most expensive and most amazing yarn I've ever touched).

Other than that I've been workin' my part time job, spending lots of time with friends and conquering fears, and of course eating tons of italian food, there being no other choice in Utica.

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