Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scholorship Thing...

Wrote this for a scholarship just now and thought it was somewhat interesting and/or insightful about myself and my artwork.

"I am currently an illustration major at Rochester Institute of Technology and I am looking forward to focusing in on editorial and fashion illustration. I am an extremely ambitious person, alway pushing myself to a higher level and surrounding myself by positive and inspiring influences. I decided to become an illustrator because of my pure love and passion for the field, and could not see myself happily doing anything else. I am constantly pushing myself to be creative and innovative, and constantly experimenting to find something that I can truly speak and express through. I am extremely influenced by history and generations before me. I admire what they have done, created, and their determination. This is especially important in a world where the upcoming generations have a sort of need for instant gratification. With the technology of the 21st century everything comes easy to us, and it is important to know and appreciate things that are done the hard way. I believe that studying history can only help us improve what we already instinctively know and have developed. There is always room for improvement and innovation. My personal artwork is impacted most by styles from several decades ago, and objects and photos that have faded over the years. However much I keep up on current trends in my field, the past that I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to live through will always be a part of myself and my artwork. This state of mind I believe is influenced by my highly traditional Italian-American family. We are not the typical family you see on television. We are influenced by our past heritage and appreciate the hardship our grandparents went through. Although stereotypically many young adults may not like listening to their grandparent's stories, I may be an exception. I love to hear about their lives and what they learned, and try to remember it when I am encountered with similar situations. Perhaps it is their lighthearted nostalgia. Overall I am a very determined person and try to do my very best as a person and an artist."

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